Paintings and drawings from Adolfo Gadea. You can buy fine art prints or Adolfo’s original art.

Adolfo Gadea
Take your time and enjoy the paintings like a snail would do: in your own tempo.

Time waits for no one, even if you’re slow!
Prices for prints:
A3: 50 CHF
A4: 20 CHF
VAT and transport included

Slow art – that’s what we sell

  • Original art
  • Fine art prints

Prices for original art:
Because all of the paintings are from different size and quality we’ll still have to renovate/reframe many paintings and put a price tag on them. If you’re interested in a particular painting, you can contact us directly.
The prices vary from CHF 200 to CHF 2500

Adolfo Gadea
Time waits for no one! Take a look at these amazing paintings.

Adolfo Gadea

Surrealistic paintings from the late and great Adolfo Gadea, who passed away in 2000. We have a collection of 60 paintings and drawings.

Original Art

You have the opportunity to buy the original art for very affordable prices.

Fine Art Prints

You can order the prints in A3 or A4 format. The prints are unframed. VAT and transport costs included.